The Bible simplified

The most simplified overview yet essential thread of the Bible is the issue of “presence.”  In the first 2 chapters of Genesis we see that the presence of God was intimately with humanity (walked in the Garden – of abundance, beauty and goodness).  In chapter 3, we see that the presence of God was lost due to sin (rebellion to God’s word).  The Tree of Life is present and accessible to humans (Adam and Eve) in these first 2 chapters but in chapter 3 Adam and Eve are cast out of the Garden and away from the Tree of Life.  They are driven from the presence of God and in chapter 4 death/murder come into the picture.  The Tree of Life is symbolic to the presence of God with humanity without the presence of sin (life eternal in goodness).  The Tree of Life does not physically appear again until the very end of the Bible in Revelation 22.  The Tree of Life is in the New Jerusalem for the healing of all the world and no sin is present anywhere (no death).  God the Father and the Son will be physically in the New Jerusalem and the glory of God will be so awesome that there will be no need for the sun or moon to give light.  These are the book ends of the Bible and everything in between is what God is doing to bring His presence back to humanity (those who love Him – will follow Him).  Jesus Christ is the ultimate provision which also ushers in the ultimate power of God (the Holy Spirit) to overcome the power of sin on humanity.  The Bible continually progresses in a further revelation of an increased presence of God among humanity and after Christ’s resurrection, within humanity.  Humans who follow Jesus Christ are given the power of God internally and become unified with the LORD in order to do mission and ministry with Him – for God’s glory alone.  The Bible is the story of God’s presence.  We had it, we lost it and God is showing us how He is bringing it back to a remnant.  This is the story in which we are currently living and it shows us where things are going.  It is up to us how we want to react to what has been given to us – in God’s: word, Son and Holy Spirit.